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Letting a property successfully can be a time consuming and complex process, but using a letting agent can help you to mitigate many of these risks.
"Unfair charges" levied on buyers of new-build houses could be banned in England under a proposed crackdown.
If you are thinking of investing in property you are probably looking for one of two things: a regular income (rental yield) or for the value of the property you buy to increase over a period of time (capital growth).
The percentage of people in the UK who own their own home is currently falling, and not just because housing is becoming more expensive. A recent survey of almost 1,400 tenants in London suggests that while many people do aspire to buy their own home, others are more than happy living in private rented accommodation
Women now account for two in five landlords, with most using property in order to top up their monthly income. Analysis of tens of thousands of landlords from Simple Landlords Insurance shows that 40% of landlords are now women. In comparison, just 17% of SME owners are female, which indicates that property could be moving towards equality at a quicker pace than other industries.