We believe buying or selling a property should be exciting rather than stressful, as it leads to a new chapter in your life. Our company ethos is to do our very best to get a price that is fair to both the buyer and the seller.

When commencing the process of selling your property we hope these tips will help you to sell your property faster with no surprises.


We will visit and provide you with an honest appraisal of your property, remember an accurate appraisal will sell your property faster.

Once you have instructed McLean Property Services to market your property, we will provide you with an information pack to get your property ready for marketing, return to take photographs and write the property description.
This is a prime time for our negotiators to find out as much detail as possible about your property so they can relay this on to potential purchasers during viewings.


Our marketing campaigns ensure your property is seen by as many potential buyers as possible.

Your property will be listed firstly on the McLean Property Services website, as well as the country’s leading property portals We also use social media to promote new properties.  Oh and before the advent of the internet, we’ll also erect our distinctive ‘for sale’ sign.

Kerb Appeal

- Clean Windows

The first thing a buyer is likely to see is your windows. Unclean windows can give the wrong impression. To ensure this doesn't happen wash all of your windows inside and out, ensuring that they are void of all smears and sparkle in the sunshine. While you are at it, you may wish to make sure all curtains and dusty blinds are cleaned.

- Maintained Gardens

As a prospective buyer approaches your property, the see the windows, secondly they are greeted by your grounds. A little weeding and planting of seasonal shrubs goes a long way. Seeing a maintained gardens increases the feeling a property will be looked after should the garden be in a good state. Eradicate those weeds and keep those lawns in a good condition

- De-Clutter

Try to create a blank canvas where buyers can imagine their own furniture and possessions in your property. Keeping a clutter free property as much as possible is one way to help, whilst it also shows the space you have on offer for sale!

- Communal Spaces

Similar to maintained gardens, a prospective buyer will look for a well maintained communal area. Make the effort to ensure communal areas are clean, free of clutter and welcoming. Purchasing a new door mat can make all the difference!


We have a data base of current buyers and investors looking to purchase properties, we will circulate your details amongst those motivated buyers.


Viewings are important – unless requested otherwise, we conduct the accompanied viewings on your property, this is to ensure we give maximum chance of getting your property sold.

Our sales staff will carefully tag your keys with security codes to ensure complete privacy. We can assure you we do not allow viewers to wander around your home without a member of staff being present.


We will contact you with the outcome of the viewings and offer feedback. We will follow these up by phone calls to the prospective buyers.