As an independent Nottingham lettings agent, we will never compromise the quality or safety of your rental property to save money for ourselves or the landlord. Every rental property advertised and promoted by McLean Property Services meets the necessary legal, utility and general safety requirements for let properties in the UK.


  1. the rent
  2. a security deposit with a maximum of 5 weeks rent, or 6 weeks on a property with rent over £50,000 per year
  3. a holding deposit of no more than one weeks rent
  4. default fee for late payment of rent (after 14 days)
  5. reasonable charges for lost keys or security fobs
  6. payments associated with contract variation, at £50 or reasonable costs incurred if higher, when requested by the tenant
  7. payments associated with early termination of the tenancy, when requested by the tenant; and
  8. payments in respect of bills - utilities, communication services, TV licence, Council Tax, and green deal or other energy efficiency charges.

Fees applying to all pre-existing tenancies entered before 1st June 2019

We shall continue to apply the charges within the existing tenancy agreement until 31st May 2020.

Reserving A Property

When you decide on a property you wish to let, you will need to reserve it by paying a holding deposit. Should the tenancy go ahead this will be deducted from the money due before you move-in. If the landlord declines the tenancy it will be refunded. Should you decide not to continue with the process for any reason, or incorrect information is given by you in your application, your holding deposit is non-refundable.

Please note that the holding deposit does not constitute a tenancy or offer of a tenancy but is required as proof of your serious intention to proceed.


References are conducted in all cases; a fee will be required to conduct this which is non-refundable.

Tenancy Deposits

A deposit of an amount equivalent to between four to six weeks rent will be required (in most instances) to be held during the tenancy against the satisfactory performance by the tenant of all the various obligations under the tenancy agreement - but mainly, those relating to the cleanliness and condition of the property.

The relevant clause of the tenancy agreement will set out who is to hold the deposit. McLean Property Services is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme. At the end of the tenancy we will get the agreement of both sides before making any deductions for damage, cleaning etc.